What are the 4 Brilliant Instagram Hacks you need to know in 2022?

At Present, Instagram is among the Top Social media marketing platforms on the internet, even with huge competition. The current active users on Instagram exceed 1 billion, and more than 500 million people on average watch the stories daily. The brands and services on Instagram can get massive opportunities to promote their products, which is amazing. Also, improving brand awareness on Instagram is possible with the help of advertisements.

As you are already aware, Instagram stories can bring a notable amount of traffic for you as an individual to the profile. The IG stories are a brilliant way to directly communicate with the followers that improve the interaction for you. While you interact with the audience, it also increases the chances of story views. From your side, you can buy Instagram impressions and consider the best sites to buy Instagram impressions and boost the story’s performance.

If you are new to the platform and want to know about the Instagram Hacks that work in 2022, you should read the rest of the article.

Play with Instagram by using the Fun Accessories:

Getting more engagement on the Instagram stories is possible for you by playing with the fun accessories of the platform. On Instagram, there are several outstanding features available for you to consider and obtain better results. Countdowns, quizzes, Questions, Polls, and Hashtags are among the best features called stickers. Using these stickers can increase the chances of obtaining a better amount of interaction from the viewer’s side. Also, increasing engagement on the Instagram stories is possible for you by considering the poll and question stickers.

While you want to attain better results, try to consider impressions as the key factor. You can buy Instagram impressions to attain the results instantly.

Learn about Editing the Instagram Stories:

You can’t attract a good audience on your Instagram profile by randomly posting Instagram stories. Therefore, learning about the editing of Instagram stories is essential. Several tools or features come inside the Instagram stories that you need to know about, so let’s discuss them individually.

Text: You can add the text in the stories with the help of the Text icon and then use it anywhere on the mobile screen at the time of posting stories.

Drawing: You can use the brush to draw any attractive thing in the stories. Meanwhile, you can change the colors of the brush and make it more compelling.

Accessories: As discussed earlier, it’s the feature that allows you to use stickers on Instagram stories.

Linking: The Linking feature helps you insert a landing page link on the Instagram stories when you have more than 10K followers.

Filter: You can include the AR effects in the Instagram stories with the help of Filter.

Save: You can save the Instagram stories of the video or image by using the save feature.

Play with Color feature:

The color feature is the key tool for you on Instagram to draw engagement on the Instagram account. You have the accent color, brush color, background color, and text color within the color feature. All these color types are efficient for you to use and attain tremendous results.

Optimizing the Image Size:

Image size optimization is what you can make good use of in your Instagram stories. Generally, Instagram stories offer you to select photos in two ways: through the mobile gallery or by taking the photos directly. Therefore, optimizing the size of the image is important. The ideal size for you to use is 1080 x 1920 pixels. In this way, you can effectively reach the targeted audience and attain tremendous results. After all, anyone coming to your stories wants to understand them easily and see them. So, all these things are possible for you to attain with the help of applying the right image size. Therefore, you should check it out before posting the stories.

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